There are times in your life when you feel deep within your heart that something feels right. It is a feeling deep within you that feeds your heart with happiness. It is a feeling that you believe in, no matter how difficult, no matter how demanding something may be, you know that it is right. You know you have to follow your heart.

Friday, October 1, 2010

There will be Resistance

It is amazing how when you are truly excited about something, when you want something. People will come along and say and do anything to bring you down. I find this happens all the time, in many aspects of life. It is where the saying "misery loves company" comes into play. I have experienced this a lot throughout my life. I like to think that as I have got older I have learned not to let what people say, and what they do affect who I am and how I feel. But it is not the case, because I am very sensitive to what people say, and more-so, when they say nothing at all.

I would like everyone know, before I proceed with the adoption of Victoria (if I am lucky enough to have her come home with me), this is what truly what I want. I have thought about having another child of my own for a long time now. I have never known how my family would grow; if I would have a biological child of my own, if I would adopt, and have even thought being a foster mother. But when I saw pictures of Victoria, and her description of her personality. I truly feel as though I could give her a good, loving home, and here with my family is where she is supposed to be.

I know a lot of people out there are wondering why I would even think about adopting Victoria.  Especially given all the challenges that I already have. I admit I do have a unique set of challenges with Nicholas (Those of you that know Nicholas and I best, know what I am talking about). Having said that, those of you who know us best also know that he is an amazing kid with a fantastic sense of humor, he makes me laugh and smile everyday.

Why adopt another kid with down syndrome??? I know a lot of people are thinking this. I am not too sure everyone will ever understand my choice to do so. I don't expect everyone to understand. It is a very personal choice. But I can share with you that I do not think of kids like Nicholas, or Victoria are any  different than any other children. They want to be just like everyone else. They have the same dreams, and hopes in life as all other kids do as they grow up. I know I could easily adopt a "normal" kid. One that will grow up, and move out into society as he/she matures. But the truth is,  I don't want to adopt a "normal" kid. As easily as easily people can say they don't want to adopt a child with down syndrome. It doesn't make anyone of us bad, or less aware of the needs of the children in the world. It just makes us who we are.

 I have had people say to me "why would you want to do that",  "please reconsider your decision". While I am open to ideas, and I welcome people to talk to me about the process, and things to think about. It is one very reason I am doing this blog. So people can talk to me, and offer ideas, and give me their ideas, share your thoughts and concerns. But please know, I do not need any negative feelings coming my way. This is supposed to be an exciting time for someone, going through the process of welcoming a new child into the family. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive thus far! I am really excited about the future, and can't wait to move forward with the process.

Word is that someone is on the way to the orphanage where Victoria is and I will hopefully have new pictures of Victoria in the near future.

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