There are times in your life when you feel deep within your heart that something feels right. It is a feeling deep within you that feeds your heart with happiness. It is a feeling that you believe in, no matter how difficult, no matter how demanding something may be, you know that it is right. You know you have to follow your heart.

My Timeline

February 1: Mailed Fingerprints to FBI for clearance
December 4 & 10: Homestudy interview complete.. now need to take all the classes... more waiting...
November 24, 2010: Vika's Profile moved to "New Commitment" on Reeces   Rainbow!!!!
November 24, 2010: Mailed in Home Study Application 
November 24, 2010: Mailed in Criminal Background Checks
November 8, 2010: Submitted Application to Global Adoption Services

October 22, 2010: Submitted FSP Application to Reeces Rainbow