There are times in your life when you feel deep within your heart that something feels right. It is a feeling deep within you that feeds your heart with happiness. It is a feeling that you believe in, no matter how difficult, no matter how demanding something may be, you know that it is right. You know you have to follow your heart.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


iPad Giveaway
For Vika!!!
Donate to Vika's adoption grant.
One lucky winner will receive a
Apple iPad, 16GB wi-fi + 3G valued at $629.00

Two ways to Enter:
1) Donate securely. Click on the Chip-In Button to the left
2) Mail a chack to: taryn seybold
       33A merrimack Street
Concord, NH 03301

All donations are greatly appreciated, and will all be a part of helping bringing Vika home. I want to thank EVERYONE for your ongoing love and support throughout this journey! I couldn't be doing this without    the love and support of all my family and Friends!!

Love you all.... Taryn

Sunday, February 20, 2011

first week with Anya

It has been about 6 months since I have started thinking about adopting Vika. It has been a very emotionally challenging time for me.  For so many reasons... I have been through a lot in my life, and I can honestly say, I do not think I have anything to compare it to. But through it all, the people that have understood how I am feeling, are people that are going through this journey themselves. It is stressful (for so many reasons) because of the money, If I were to wait til I had $30,000 on my own, Vika would be in a mental institute, where she would never have the ability to be loved, and to grow as a young girl. This is why I have turned to so many of you to support me throughout this journey. 

But, for me.. I can honestly say that I don't hurt for just Vika, Anya, Sophie or Little B... because they are the lucky ones, they will soon have a forever family.  But I hurt for all the other little children, that will never be able to have a forever family.

 When I am feeling emotionally drained, I often find myself watching this video of a family who is actually over in Eastern Europe as I write this to bring their little girl home. It reminds me of the hope, and the happiness that is to come.. As Heather wrote in her blog: 

"Every time I think about the millions of orphans in the world who won't ever have this opportunity, it hurts, so much more than it did before we saw it for ourselves.  I want to find forever families for every single one of them.  If only."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Victoria Natalya

The harsh reality for many of these children in Eastern Europe is that they are destined to a mental institute. This is something that many of us would not, could not even imagine for our children!! I have to ask myself why is it okay for these children with Down Syndrome to lose out on a family, and a future? Is it the fact that they learn slower and talk different? Or is it the fact that they look different?  What ever it is, it is not their fault. They are innocent human beings, that were born with an extra chromosome, and have now been left without a family. In a "Baby House" (aka.. Orphanage).  A place with no choices, no family to love them, no future. The only thing that keeps them from having a home, and a family to love them is money. 

Many of you may have noticed at HUGE jump in my FSP (Family Sponsor Page) on Reeces Rainbow. Many of you may not know where this money came from. This money was donated from a woman that knows Vika. From my understanding she has known her in the orphanage, and has described her as a loving, courageous, little girl. She also told me that she thought she would fit in perfect in my home! I can only imagine the love and adoration that she has for her.  So much she can't possibly imagine her moving onto a mental institute.  I have thought of this woman as an angel to her, looking over her, and caring for her. Ensuring her well being, and safety. I will forever be grateful for to this woman for being there for her, and am in hopes to meet her when I travel to EE. While I will never be able to repay her the $10,000. I will forever be reminded and grateful for her, and what she has done for my little girl. As I plan on giving Vika her first name as her Middle name ... Victoria Natalya

She has brought me all the more closer to bringing Vika home... her generosity is appreciated and will never be forgotten. I know not everyone can donate $10,000... any amount is truly appreciated. Right now, if you donate $50.00 or more. I have a special present for you. I have pearls that will be sent to you. You can give them to someone else, or keep them for yourself as a reminder that you are a part of something bigger than yourself... you are part of giving a little girl a future..

Thank you for your ongoing love and support...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I had to share this...

Tonight I was looking at Vikas FSP (Family Sponsor Page), I saw the word "Zalvisto" curious as to what this meant. I did the standby google search... When reading it, I  found the word "Zalvisto" in direct context as to what is written on her FSP in somone's blog. This is living proof, that there have been people out there loving her, caring for her, praying for her, long before I knew her :)

This is from a translator that was kind enough to interpret what she they meant... made me smile!!

This sweet girl melts my heart.   As a translator, I really appreciate the note that is written about her on the RR website.  You can just imagine the level of adoration her caretakers have for her…and how they tried to fit it into words.  Then those Russian words were e-translated into English.
In the highest Volochek live girl – Vicky. The girl’s alive, radiant blue eyes, a mischievous “tail”, winning smile and open face. It is well built, childishly naive and coquettish – a child wants to love, embrace, lisping with him. Âèêóëÿ and she is always glad to new people, smiles all around, laughing loudly and zalivisto, fins and happy sitting on their hands. Wick – a lovely little girl, clockwork, energetic, affectionate and sociable, and in general, little girl, whose place at home, at the table with mom and dad, where you can happily talk down, sitting on a high chair, twist and tuck into cakes
This paragraph used to end with “Vika, a normal child.”
A lively girl.  I have a lively girl and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She adds so much laughter to our much spunk.    I would love to hear Vika’s “zalavisto” laughter, wouldn’t you?   This girl sounds like so much fun!!!  Like a HugFest waiting to happen.  Maybe they’re missing the words “moxie” and “charisma” somewhere in there, but the picture is crystal clear.  Maybe they don’t know how  to say “she keeps you on your toes, but it’s so worth it for all the love and life she brings” but that can be inferred.
Vika, you are an obvious bright light in this world…the vigor for life that God has placed in you is easily viewed from thousands of miles away.   We are praying for someone to come along who would just love to love on you and give you a chance at a full, long life in a FUN, adventurous and loving family!
She is 4 turning 5 in May and is lucky to still be at the baby orphanage.  Pray. Consider. Pass it on.  Or, pray.  Consider. Bring her home.  Either way, please take a minute to petition and advocate for Vika today.

$10,000 donation

For the many of you that have followed my blog over the last few months. You saw a dramatic jump in my FSP. Someone that knows, and obviously loves, and cares for Vika very deeply donated that $10,000. She has told me that Vika is a very brave, and courageous young girl. That, I do not doubt for a moment.

 I often try and imagine how life is for her in the orphanage.  Never knowing who will tell her goodmorning, and that they love her. Who will listen to her when she is sad, or praise her for her achievements. Who kisses her boobooos when she is hurt... who is there to help her through everyday activities. After-all, she is only 5 years old. Who is giving her the guidance and the love that all children (and lets be real.. many adults) need.  Then I start to imagine Nicholas in that setting when he was 5.. how would he have thrived,  how would he have received the love and attention that ALL children need. Would he have been a face in a room, an number in a line, just one more mouth to feed?? Now picture your child in that situation, is it something you would want for your child? Your niece, your nephew, your grandchildren? It is nothing that any of us would want for any of our children. If Vika, if not adopted soon. Like many other children her age are moved to a mental institute. A place that holds no hope, love or future for these kids. 

The saddest part, is that these children are placed in a situation, in the orphanage just for being them... for being who they were when they were born.. one extra chromosome landed them in a place that does not hold any future for them. 

I can honestly say that I know that adoption is not for everyone. Especially an adoption of a child with Special Needs. I know this from the crazy looks I get when I tell people what I am doing. While there are times when I am so scared, and so nervous about this journey. The love, and the acceptance I have in my heart for this little girl.. it far outweighs the nervousness, and the unknown. I know it is what I am supposed to be doing... there are so many things in life when you are called to do something. You don't know exactly why ...and you know it is going to be a struggle. But you know deep in your heart it is where you life you are being lead to. It is a deep feeling within yourself where there is peace.. for many of you this may not make sense.. but for those of you that have experienced it, you will know EXACTLY what I am talking about! 

So this is where all of you come in.. I need your support and commitment to help me bring this girl home. Support can come in many forms,  prayer, financial, and in friendship. All of the support I have got, and continue to get.. it fills my heart with so much gratitude. 

Right now... I have a little something for the people that donate... With the first 12 people that donate $50.00 or more... I have a BEAUTIFUL pearl necklace, or earrings that will be yours. It can be used as a gift, or to keep for yourself as a reminder that you were part of something more than yourself... you were part of giving a beautiful little girl a home, a mom, a family and a future...

Click on the "Chip In" button to make a safe, and secure donation... 

Thank you all for you ongoing support and love..

For My Friend Taryn

So this isn't Taryn typing, this is a friend. My name is Ann and I've got to tell you I have been so blessed by this fabulous women. Taryn and I have become friends over the past five months. You see we are on the same journey together. We were both asked by our God to step forward in faith to rescue one of His Earthly orphans and to be quite honest I can not imagine doing it with out Taryn. We have shared frustrations,fears, laughs, tears and soon the joy of bringing home our sweet girls. They are both from the same place and we believe they are in the same orphanage. We imagine that they could of possibly grown up together. So I have pledged that I will do what ever it takes to get both of our girls home. I can not tell you how often I stand before the Lord and ask for his guidance for both of us. I truly believe that God orchestrated our meeting before we even began this journey. So it brings me to the place to post on her blog. Funny thing is that she doesn't even know I am posting this, shhh.... She has no idea, hope she doesn't erase this LOL! Taryn the super amazing person she is offered to help me sell beautiful bangle bracelets that are all hand made by me.  She said I could post my blog button on her blog in hopes to sell them to help bring my sweet Little B home. We are at a crucial point on our adoption and need to raise 15k in the next month in order to go and get her. Here is where you come in not only would buying one of my bracelets help us it will also help Taryn. I am donating $3 of every bracelet sold to help bring Victoria home.  They are beautiful, fun and so shabby chic. My button is on the side of this blog. So go pick one and not only help one little orphan but two! They are oh so sweet and we can not do this on our own. It is every ones responsibility. Every one has a place along this journey don't miss your chance to change a life. Vika has a short time left before she will be institutionalized, don't let that happen. You have been called, its up to you to answer that call.

Click the button on the side and please mention Taryn when ordering so I can give her part of the donation. Thank you and God Bless!

Little B
Little Vika