There are times in your life when you feel deep within your heart that something feels right. It is a feeling deep within you that feeds your heart with happiness. It is a feeling that you believe in, no matter how difficult, no matter how demanding something may be, you know that it is right. You know you have to follow your heart.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have always been one to get things done. When I know I need to get it done. I know it, I do it. DONE!! This is all out of my control right now. Waiting for a note from my doctor, selling these raffle tickets. Waiting on people to get back to me.. it is hard!!!   It is incredibly frustrating, and waiting on other people has never been my strong suit. So LESSON ONE: Patience. This is going to take a lot of patience on my part. To know that it will happen with good time, and with patience.

I have a lot of planning, and a lot of saving to do before now and then. I hate to say this. but it all seems to keep coming back to money!! You can't do this without money. I have a feeling once everything is submitted, things may move a lot quicker than I originally thought. I could be sitting in a small hotel just outside of Moscow in just five months.

LESSON TWO: FAITH AND TRUST.. in this whole process. I have said it once, and I will have to say it again. To remind myself that it will all work out. People always seem to amaze me in the amazing gifts that they have given. They always seem to surprise me, and it is always out of the blue. Because I truly believe, that Vika is supposed to be here with us. I do have faith that it will all come together. This is going to be a long journey. But in the end, there will be three.. Nick, Vika and me...

I have posted a new thermometer to track the amount of tickets sold. I have a ways to go. But I really have faith that they will all sell!!

For now, I am going to go and enjoy the day with all my friends at the Special Olympics!! We have the state games today for bowling!!! Going for the gold :)

Love you!!

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