There are times in your life when you feel deep within your heart that something feels right. It is a feeling deep within you that feeds your heart with happiness. It is a feeling that you believe in, no matter how difficult, no matter how demanding something may be, you know that it is right. You know you have to follow your heart.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vika's Hope Benefit!!!


For all of you coming out last night to help support me in Bringing Vika Home!!
All together we raised 
Can you believe it!! This is AMAZING!! You all opened your hearts (and your wallets) to help me bring Vika home! This is a HUGE difference in getting Vika home and into my arms!!! 
As you can see now, I am 
More than half way funded!!
Can you believe it!! I am in TOTAL SHOCK still!!

Highlights from last night!!!
It was an amazing night, I really could have not thought it could have gone any better!! I had a bunch of friends, old and new, people I didn't know. They all came out last night to support me, all in efforts to help being Vika home!! I can already feel her in my arms!! I am so close, and I know everyday I am getting closer (as you can see!!). 

I had my great friend Sean on the mic last night, always making announcements, and helping move things along!!! We had Kurva Jo.. what a GREAT band!! I hope everyone enjoyed the band!! I know I did!!! For those of you who missed Nicholas dancing... I think his dance classes are really paying off!! He has some pretty sweet moves!! All the girls loved him!! (I will post some pictures later on!!) 

My night started out with an AMZING donation of $1000.00!! It was a very generous donation, and it meant a great deal to me!! With that, I knew the night could ONLY get better!!  Soon after a family that recently had a child with Down Syndrome (Abby), stopped by. They they had heard of my intentions of bringing Vika home through a newspaper article in our local paper, the Concord Monitor. They couldn't stay, but wanted to donate... how thoughtful is that!! It brought tears to my eyes!!  

We had some great prizes as you all know!! We had patriots tickets, red Sox Tickets, a iPad, a quilt.. GREAT PRIZES!!! Here is where it gets AMAZING!! Many of you know I had a raffle back before Christmas for a flat screen TV. My friend Judi won that TV. When I told her she won she graciously told me to keep the money to bring Vika home!! Last night she came there with her side business of putting VERY stylish feathers in people hair, and was doing it for all to raise money!! Judi bought her raffle tickets... and don't know know, she won the Red Sox Tickets, and the iPAD!! If that is not karma working at its finest... I don't know what it!! I was so happy to see her win! She has been such a support through this entire journey!! Now... if you think that isn't something... listen to this.. my friend Sarah. I have not seen her in a few years. She has been following my blog, and donating what she can, and when she can. She came last night, and brought friends and family too (which means means more money for me to bring Vika home). Between her and her sister. They won Patriots tickets, the quilt, table runner and a gift certificate to the Barley House!! How cool is that!! 

All together it was an AMAZING night!! I could have not asked for it to go any better! I am so grateful and so blessed my all the people in my life!! 

A HUGE Thank you to...
The Barley House for having us there!!
To Kurva Jo for the AMAZING music!!
To Sean Kemp for keeping the night going!!
The my family.. I love you all!!!
To Ann and the Sterns... fellow Reeces Rainbow families for coming out to support me!! 
To ALL my friends... old and new!!!

The night was a HUGE success because of YOU ALL!!
Love~ Taryn
I will post pictures later today!!! 

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